The Village

I know this is random. I know that I owe you a birth story and 5 months of baby stats that I haven’t recorded and a few years of lists about what I’ve learned and tips and tricks of how I’m personally conquering and/or utterly failing at motherhood… But there’s not enough hours in a […]

Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day 2017

The years, they fly. Each fleeting chapter more quickly than the one before.  This Mother’s Day morning will be much like the last. Cards, gifts, the sharing of loving sentiments and a great meal. But this year is so very different, Lydie bug.  You’ve grown. Your grin is toothier, bigger and brighter (somehow), and surrounded […]

A Mother’s Day Letter

My Dearest Daughter, We celebrated this weekend… I’m not sure that you knew. It may have seemed like an ordinary day to you. You smiled a million smiles and received almost as many kisses. We shared an amazing meal with our beautiful family, enjoyed some sunshine, and napped (collectively). It was truly an amazing day… […]

Erin Go Braless

Hello from the parking lot of Rite Aid where I sit in my car while my baby actually sleeps because she absolutely did none of that last night, or really all weekend.  We had a whole lot of fun celebrating being Irish this week. Bar hopping on St Patrick’s day, Celebrating a very Irish 50th […]