Lydia Ashelyn: A birth saga (cont’d)

Where were we? Ah yes. Thursday – the 4th day. My arch nemesis arrives on scene…. And action. We had met this particular midwife on a few occasions… And never had much of an issue except some slight personality clashes, nothing to really warrant the arch nemesis title, but she was the wrong midwife at […]

Lydia Ashelyn: A birth saga

Here it comes… The long awaited internet unveiling of too much information regarding the birth of my daughter and the absurdities that preceded it. Complete absurdities. A LOT has happened – I will break it up into sections and installments for everyone’s convenience, mainly mine. But I don’t doubt this will be lengthy no matter […]

Maternity iPhotoshoot

Maternity iPhotoshoot

Remember when I went to Maine with my Hubs and pup, and Mums and Dad, and Bens and Kristen? #mainecation #thewaylifeshouldbe #gestationvacation – ring bells? If no, here is the photo-laden recap. If yes, well then you know that we attended my cousins phenomenal mountain/ocean (at the same time) view wedding while we were there […]

Maine-cation, all I ever wanted…

Maine-cation, had to get away… And I totally didn’t even realize it. This family getaway crept up on me while I was (happily) distracted by the last few weeks of baby & shower frenzy. I can’t believe how badly my brain and body both needed to spend a week with my best friend the sun, […]

Preg-aflage or Hide-a-bump

I spent this week enduring 5 days of new hire orientation. You know… That full week that they spend telling you about the organization, haphazardly gathering the ID numbers and badges that you need, and killing so many trees with handouts that you fear the birds will have no homes when they return from Florida […]