Mother’s Day 2017

The years, they fly. Each fleeting chapter more quickly than the one before. 

This Mother’s Day morning will be much like the last. Cards, gifts, the sharing of loving sentiments and a great meal. But this year is so very different, Lydie bug. 

You’ve grown. Your grin is toothier, bigger and brighter (somehow), and surrounded by the sweetest curls. You’re smiles are broader, your hugs are tighter, and both are every bit more meaningful because the heart behind them has grown, too. Your smiles offer but a glimpse of the happiness you harbor and your squeezes are pure proof that it’s overflowing and can’t be contained. And somehow I am the one to experience it, foster it, and live your happiness firsthand and every day. Being your MomMom is the highlight of my life. 

And my Norah, my darling daughter that I’ve yet to meet… Thank you for showing me the love that I am capable of and already proving that my heart can grow, too… I am so ready to welcome you, meet you and know you. The world is ready and in need of the joy you are about to bring into it. And our little family is overcome by just the thought of your arrival and the challenges and changes that are mere moments away. Thank you for making me a MomMom times two. I can’t wait to be the best that I can for you. 

And to my mother, who from just a little too far away, continues to encourage me, guide me and set the perfect example of what motherhood should be – Happy Mother’s Day.  I am grateful beyond measure for my childhood and inspired by all your small successes that have transformed me into the woman and mother that I’ve become. Each of your actions, words, and mannerisms have been lessons in grace and humility. It’s a true blessing to be yours. 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

2 comments on “Mother’s Day 2017

  1. So very sweet. You are truly an amazing person. I too cannot wait to meet little Norah. I wish you a speedy delivery this time and I am you sending lots of love to all of you

  2. Beautiful Jill like always …. you have such a way with words. Those two little girls are so lucky to have you for their mom??

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