Pregnancy #2: In Review

We made it little one… despite all the promising promises that #2 comes early and you’ll never make it that long and you’ve dropped and Lydie’s saga won’t happen again…

Here we are. On your due date. With no signs that you’re about to make any sort of expedient arrival. 

So before you’re born, even though I feel deep in my soul that we’ve still got plenty of time… here’s a little reflection on this, my second pregnancy. Our journey to meeting you, Norah.  

Sorry, darling.  I know Lydia got a post every two weeks and as many baby updates as I could muster.  I’m sorry that you are the second and I am tired and my priorities have changed because before I was almost a mom and now I’m definitely a mom and that just changes everything. I am sorry that the blogging time when Lydia slept is now my only chance at a naptime. Forgive me. 

Here’s some stats (for those who are curious and for my historical documentation)

Original due date: 5/10/17

Adjusted due date: 5/18/17 – baby measured small at my first ultrasound. This appears to be the more accurate of the two unfortunately. Eye roll. 

Last day of work: 5/14/17. I worked ‘right up to the end.’  Or so I thought. As my due date comes and goes we will see how close to the end it really was! 

Total weight gain: 30 lbs 

Ankles: Present

Cravings: This time around I really decided to embrace the stereotypical and indulged in a LOT of ice cream. Like a lot. Shoutouts to my freezer, the one across the street and, as of late, the husband for his after dinner sundae runs. 

Movement/bumps/thumps: She’s a mover and a shaker, much like her sister. At my weekly (yes, weekly) ultrasounds they ask how long it takes for her to move 10 times. They think I’m exaggerating when I give them my rough estimate of under a minute. 

Maternity style: Very much an afterthought. I was busy making sure I had a well-dressed Lydia instead.  I had more of a winter bump season this time around and mostly wore maternity sweaters and leggings… from zulily and courtesy of Christmas. The spring collection has been complements of last pregnancy with a sprinkle of clearance old navy tanks. And I made the investment in maternity scrubs which were probably my favorite of all purchases this time around. Except it was evident toward the end that it was time to stop working when even those didn’t fit anymore. 

How do I feel?
:  I’ve been blessed, much like last time, with an easy breezy experience… lacking in morning sickness, and filled with as much energy as one could possibly have when wrangling a toddler all day. 

The Differences:

  • Weight gain was pretty on par with last time but it’s far less water weight. I still recognize my ankles and knees and was able to wear my wedding rings the whole time. I highly recommend this whole Sept-May timeline! Avoiding the summer months and the subsequent lack of swelling has made a world of difference. 
  • My job was just so much more… doable. I’m absolutely loving my new gig in long term care (read: nursing home nurse) and the beauty of an 8 hour shift is all I dreamed it would be.  I take breaks, I love my residents, I know what I’m in for when I walk in the door and I’m living my dream: Spending every morning with my girl(s) and many an afternoon with some beloved residents and great coworkers. 
  • I was more mobile in general – insert playground trips, library groups, and the kind of errand-running that involves carting around a little mini-human. Enter the daily workout of lifting toddler and stroller and bags upon bags of whatever and just a lot of chasing. Times that by two and I’m suddenly very tired thinking of my very near future. 
  • My bump didn’t really show up till about week 21/22, which is bizarre for the second. Usually numero uno already paved the way and you pop really early. Not this girl. She was in hiding for quite a while. 
  • The time flew. I blinked and it was time to start lugging the swing and pack n play and carseat out of the basement. Insert gratitude to the luggers here. 
  • I am just as excited and just as anxious to meet this little love. But way less nervous. It’s so refreshing to be facing the challenges ahead with confidence and an inherent belief that I can handle what’s ahead, that I’ve got a partner in this parenting gig that is superhuman and a daughter who will take her new role in stride. Even though it won’t be easy, it will be worth it, and wonderful and every bit as beautiful as the first time. Probably even better. 

That’s a wrap I think. A pregnancy in a nut shell. Stay tuned for the birth story that I pray is exponentially shorter than the last. 

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