The Village

I know this is random. I know that I owe you a birth story and 5 months of baby stats that I haven’t recorded and a few years of lists about what I’ve learned and tips and tricks of how I’m personally conquering and/or utterly failing at motherhood…

But there’s not enough hours in a day for documenting all that I’m living, all that I’m doing, all that I’m feeling and all that I have right now. Because it’s so much. But right now, today, I want to document that it takes a village. And I have the best village. 

Chris Hess. The one who is just there always. Who happens to be across the street at every time I need her to be. And if she’s not across the street, she’s in my house… cleaning it. No lie. Doing my laundry and not just doing it; folding it and putting it away and there is nothing I appreciate more than that in this universe. Ok maybe beyond that…. She’s teaching my girls the necessity of family and the beauty of what it means to be tight-knit and ever-present. And she’s teaching them how to support you love. And just how to be great women. And teaching me how to be a great woman. Always. 

Oh and happy belated birthday, because that’s the only way I celebrate birthdays now.

Ralph, Tom, Donnie, Mary. And all the campaign crusaders who have been holding up my champion of a husband while I’m at work or making sure the diaper bag’s stocked. He deserves you. And he got the best. Thank you for absolutely nailing local politics and everything it means, and everything it entails…which is so much more than I ever knew. Thank you for recognizing the potential in this incredible man and all he has to offer this city and all of its children. And for working to make sure everyone else recognizes it too. 
To my parents who from far away make it abundantly clear that at the drop of a hat (or the need of a hammer/babysitter) you are willing to trek across what feels Iike the universe to get out here. To help. To love. To lend your hearts and talents to make sure we are happy, settled, comfortable and content. Always and in every way. 

Kimmy. Our realtor. That’s a joke. Our incredible friend and the person who is single handedly making our dreams a reality; without any fuss, without any hassle, without anything feeling like it’s even happening. Somehow, someway, within 6 weeks we have sold our starter home and bought our forever home, unexpectedly and without batting eyelashes, while my husband is in the middle of his campaign. How. Explain to me how. You are a godsend and I can’t believe how blessed we are to have you on our team. 

To everyone putting up with us, maybe I should say me. Friends I haven’t spoken to who I know will send heart emojis when I shoot a desperation text. To those who respond to ‘What are you doing tonight?’ texts with ‘hanging with your girls?!?’ And open arms. To those who work with me and are warm and helpful and encouraging when I walk in and may not be my happiest self. To those who have offered even a ‘keep going’ or just a ‘wow, that’s a lot.’ Taking the time to think of me and my family and to understand where I am… who we are… and what we need. To all the people taking any time out of their own lives to recognize mine. Ours. Our girls. You are heros. You are wonderful. And you are so appreciated. 

There’s a lot going on. There’s a lot of wonderful, amazing things going on. And it takes a village. The best village. 

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