Erin Go Braless

Hello from the parking lot of Rite Aid where I sit in my car while my baby actually sleeps because she absolutely did none of that last night, or really all weekend. 

We had a whole lot of fun celebrating being Irish this week. Bar hopping on St Patrick’s day, Celebrating a very Irish 50th birthday and announcement party (#asheforsheriff), attending and certainly not running the Holyoke road race (although… goals.) We made some quality mems and lived the Irish American March dream. 

Basically I’m just here to formally report that Ryan and I have the most portable and versatile baby. Documented. On the record.  Official. The award for best baby on the go goes to… Lydiaaaaa Hess. 

She falls asleep in your arms in rooms full of loud people. She sits quietly on laps while throngs of humans pass her by. The only real issue we have is that she has a tendency to get a little too crazy and swipes beers off surfaces when no one is looking. Go home Lydie, ur drunk. 

I just adore that we can still live our lives. So we had to avoid our favorite local joint because there was a line to get in and it was nowhere to bring an 8 month old… Even at 4pm. That’s seriously the only thing about our weekend that would’ve been different if we were childless. That my friends, is a win. 

Unfortunately, my photo footage of our celebrations is minimal. I really need to get an external hard drive so I stop getting error messages and pop ups indicating my phone hasn’t been backed up in mmmm 28 weeks and I cannot take any more photos because I have negative amounts of storage. Mom struggle. 

Speaking of mom struggles. Here’s one. I’m still in the parking lot of Rite Aid.   

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Lydia Ashelyn and Gramma Ashe…and their Irish caps.

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