Introducing the Baby to the Dog: the realistic tips

Introducing the Baby to the Dog: the realistic tips

I was nervous. ¬†Probably more about this than giving birth. That’s only a slight exaggeration. Read my ode to Mackenzie.¬†How was my precious first born dog-ter going to react, feel, adjust when we brought home our human daughter and incorporated her into our daily routine? Would there be a routine? Would she stop eating? Would […]

Weeks 26 & 27

Fruit/Veg/Edibles: Butternut Squash and a Bunch of Bananas — loving the alliteration Weekly Monthly weight gain:  Granted this was over the course of the month instead of 2 weeks, and granted squash baby decided to quadruple in size during this timeframe (okay, not really) — 9 lbs. Overall weight gain: 17lbs… I’m gonna start eating for one again and see if […]

Weeks 20 & 21

Fruit/Veg/Edibles: I use multiple apps for these food comparisons. My fav one that gives me cutesy graphics and fun adjectives failed me these weeks and gave me obscure veggies that defeat the purpose of helping all y’all actually understand the baby’s size… But without further ado. The other app provided: Banana. & Carrot. Lame. But […]