Weeks 38 & 39

Fruit/Veg/Edibles/Puppy?: Spaghetti squash & Small pumpkin. I’m promoting myself to med/lg pumpkin, but otherwise these get my stamp of veg approval. Bi-weekly weight gain: 2.2 lbs Total weight gain: 26 lbs I can be found eating:  Primarily from these food groups: Fruit Pizza Chocolate Mayonnaise-based salads Cheese and cheese-covered anything Aversions: Simply put – waiting. […]

Sleepless in Springfield 

Welp. I’m awake. A timeline: 11:15 Drift off while listening to whatever obnoxious thing Ryan happens to have on the television.  2:15 Stir and realize I have to pee and shouldn’t drift off again lest I wake in significantly more discomfort an hour later. 2:18 Groan, grunt and begin untangling my limbs from body pillow  […]