Lydia Ashelyn: A birth saga (cont’d)

Where were we? Ah yes. Thursday – the 4th day. My arch nemesis arrives on scene…. And action. We had met this particular midwife on a few occasions… And never had much of an issue except some slight personality clashes, nothing to really warrant the arch nemesis title, but she was the wrong midwife at […]

Lydia Ashelyn: A birth saga

Here it comes… The long awaited internet unveiling of too much information regarding the birth of my daughter and the absurdities that preceded it. Complete absurdities. A LOT has happened – I will break it up into sections and installments for everyone’s convenience, mainly mine. But I don’t doubt this will be lengthy no matter […]

Maine-cation, all I ever wanted…

Maine-cation, had to get away… And I totally didn’t even realize it. This family getaway crept up on me while I was (happily) distracted by the last few weeks of baby & shower frenzy. I can’t believe how badly my brain and body both needed to spend a week with my best friend the sun, […]

The Hesses: Our freshman year

The Hesses: Our freshman year

Nows probably not the time to admit that my last name has yet to legally change, right? Okay perfect. I won’t then. In honor of our first anniversary, a nice little recap of the last year has been on the blog-genda. Let us all acknowledge that the most wonderful day in history was 4-12-14 and […]

Weeks 24 & 25

Fruit/Veg/Edibles: Garden Eggplant (so sans the supermarket steroids — I’m big but not supermarket steroids big) and a Napa Cabbage… Weekly weight gain: ?? Overall weight gain: 8lbs + some… It’s probably too soon to be withholding this information.  It’s not that I’m embarrassed or unwilling to share.  I haven’t had an appointment in a while and really don’t feel […]